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Underused Housing Tax for Non-Canadian Property Owners

This new tax only applies to non-Canadian residents. Canadian residents do not need to submit a UHT tax form. Non-Canadian residents must submit the UHT form by April 30 annually even if they are exempt from the tax. The minimum penalty for missing the April 30 filing deadline is $5,000 per property for any individual owner. Additional penalties can apply depending on how late the return is filed. The Township of The Archipelago cannot provide you with information or advice on filling out the form. Although we provide links for information that may be useful, please contact your lawyer or accountant with any questions you have regarding your personal taxation and filing obligations. For further information on the UHT and to access the form, please go to the Canada Revenue (CRA) website page here. Non-resident owners of properties on the east and north coasts of Georgian Bay may fall under one of the exemptions (630 or 635) on page 5 of the form, which can be found here. Your roll number is on your tax bill. It is the number that starts with 49 05 and looks like this: 49-05-xxx-xxx-xxxxx-0000. Information regarding your property’s ownership or assigned property information number (PIN) can be accessed through Ontario’s Land Registry Access online portal here ( ). Your LRO location is Parry Sound. You will have the option to buy the “Parcel Register”. The parcel register contains all documents on a property, such as the ownership, transfer, and history. There is a cost of $32.50. If you encounter any difficulties using the system, please contact the OnLand Help Centre. Property Information may also be available through a land property title search. Several companies in Ontario can provide this service to you for a fee. Do a website search for an Ontario title search and choose the company that best suits your needs. TOA Website

Brand Cottage Rental 2022

Spread the word and help SSCA rent out the Brand Cottage this summer! Brand Cottage is situated on the east end of the SSCA property. The cottage is furnished, with two bedrooms (each with a double bed) living/dining room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, storage room and screened porch - about 1200 square feet in total. It has a private dock with excellent swimming. Renters have access to the sport courts, fitness room, day camp and hiking trails that connect this property to the store at Leblanc's and to Henry’s Fish Restaurant, as well as spectacular scenery on the west side of the island. $1300/wk (non-members will be required to purchase an annual SSCA Membership @$165) Feel free to contact Glen Campbell with questions.  (416)-419-1916

2021 SSCA Financial Statements

June 25, 2022

Attached here are the 2021 SSCA Financial Statements to be approved at the SSCA AGM, July 23, 2022 SSCA 2021 Financial Statements.

2022 Annual General Meeting Invitation

The SSCA AGM is scheduled for Saturday, July 23rd at 10:00 am at the School House (Zoom information to be finalized). All voting members are invited to join the meeting. Please check your online account to confirm: that 2022 annual dues are paid and who has been designated as the 'voting' member on your account. Please contact Eric Armour if you have questions We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

TOA Ward 4 Councillors’ Update

15 MARCH, 2022 - David Ashley

As I write this in mid March it is snowing but, like many of you, I am thinking about opening the cottage, all the things that need to be done before opening weekend and the tasks that might be sprung on us when we get there. An old piece of doggerel, slightly modified, jumped into my mind: Spring has sprung, The grass is riz, I wonder where them icepacks is. There are a number of things I would like to cover in this update. The first is floating cottages. Over the years we have been concerned over the possibility of floating cottages appearing on the Bay. In the past we have been able prevent them but now there is a manufacturer in the south part of Georgian Bay who is promoting them. The Township’s understanding is that if a “floating cottage” is not attached or associated with private or municipal lands, then regulation of the structure would be the sole jurisdiction of the province (use over crown lake bed) and the federal government (Transport Canada is responsible for the registration of boats and regulating activities on navigable waters). This is a big jurisdictional problem but a solution may be on the horizon. In a message released on the 3rd of March the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry (MDMNRF) announced they are seeking input about the use of floating accommodation on waterways over Ontario’s public lands. The following is an excerpt from their message: “We are seeking to engage municipalities on potential ideas and approaches to manage “camping” and the use of floating accommodations on waterways over Ontario’s public lands. The ministry is seeing increased interest in the use of waterways by various types of vessels (i.e., watercrafts equipped for overnight accommodation). In some cases, the ministry has heard concerns relating to vessels that are primarily designed for accommodation and not navigation. We are seeking input from the public, Indigenous communities, and municipal associations, and various stakeholders including your organization by April 19, 2022. Input from this process will inform consideration of potential future changes intended to address growing concerns around the impacts of this activity on Ontario waterways and those who use them. Please note, no regulatory changes are being proposed at this time. Any regulatory or policy changes that may be considered in the future would be posted on the Environmental Registry for consultation purposes.” I am bringing this bulletin [] to your attention to encourage your association and your members to submit their concerns to the ministry before the 19th of April deadline. The Township’s response is currently being developed and will be available on our website once it is completed but no later than the end of the month.   At our last Council meeting held on the 10th of March, we approved a new waste management bylaw. You will be hearing more about this shortly and full details are included in the agenda for that meeting on our website. One thing I would like to point out is that you will now be able to get rid of small (up to 30 ft.) wooden and fibreglass boats by trailering them to our Site 9 Dump or the Healey Lake Transfer Station. There will be a very reasonable fee charged for disposal of boats. Our boat ramps at Woods Bay and Holiday Cove Marina are available to you for this purpose. Aluminium boats are metal waste.   We are currently working on our budget and tax rate for this year. The budget will be on the agenda for approval at our April meeting. One piece of good news is that we are planning on removing all the unencapsulated foam from all township owned docks. Also, the value of building permits for 2021 was more than double the previous ten year average and the pace of requests has continued into 2022. To ensure we continue to provide proper service levels, for both approvals and enforcement, we are adding staff in the Planning and Building Department.   Our office is currently closed to “walk-in” visitors but the community centre in Point au Baril is gradually being opened. We are closely monitoring and following the recommendations of the Board of Health and all our operations will return to normal as soon as the Board of Health is comfortable with the progress in the fight against Covid-19   Stay safe and stay healthy. We are looking forward to seeing you on The Bay soon and to wonderful summer of cottaging. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact our excellent Township staff or one of your Ward Four councillors: Alice Barton, Rick Zanussi or myself, David Ashley. If you make a submission to MDMNRF on floating cottages please send us a copy.

SSCA 2022 Property Manager Position

The Sans Souci & Copperhead Association is seeking a motivated and experienced individual to oversee property maintenance of their community property on Frying Pan Island (next door to Henry's Fish Restaurant) during the 2022 summer season. The contract involves spending approximately 25-35 hours per week at a billing rate of up to $30/hour with a boat travel allowance. The Association property and buildings are open to members from May 21, 2022, until September 25, 2022.   Essential Duties and Responsibilities Opening property (May) Closing of the property (October) Building’s management/cleaning/maintenance. Supervision of part-time student help. Organizing and care of SSCA equipment and tools. Maintenance of 2 sport courts and 4 tennis courts. Lawn maintenance. Clearing of brush along walkways and trails. Maintaining walkways and docks. Assist with special events during scheduled work hours. Removal of garbage/recyclables to dump via boat to nearby Township waste transfer station (Sheep Head). Weekly reports to Chair of property. Other duties as may be identified. A handyperson, accustomed to dealing with the maintenance of seasonal residences is a strong asset. Applicants must have their own water transportation to and from the island.   Closing date for accepting applications is Friday, April 8th, 2022. Interested persons, please email: Michael Ugarenko, SSCA Director, Chair of Property

Bear Alert:

There have been multiple bear sightings at both The Lizard and American Camp islands over the past few weeks. The bears are coming to eat berries, and have so far kept their distance from humans. However, please use caution if you are visiting. If you do encounter a bear, the best thing to do is to calmly and slowly back away, and then leave the area. If you are too close for comfort, you can talk to the bear, or make noise with any objects you have, to encourage it not to approach you. However, it is better for you to leave than to try to scare the bear away. Please also be aware that off-leash dogs can sometimes provoke bears and lead them back to humans. Please keep your dogs on leashes or at home during this time of increased bear activity. Thanks....GBLT

Notice of SSCA Annual General Meeting

The SSCA Annual General Meeting will be held:  Saturday, October 16th, 2021 at 10am via a Zoom call. Details on how to connect to the AGM call will be emailed to members closer to the date and will be posted on the website.  If you did not receive an email notice containing links to the 2020 unapproved Minutes and the 2020 Financial Statements on September 28, 2021  please contact Eric Armour -

ICFC Sale of Jessica Vergeer’s Art

All SSCA members are welcome to shop at this special on-line event.  Purchases made Tuesday, August 24th through Thursday, August 26th qualify for a 20% contribution to the ICFC Endowment fund.  Jessica Vergeer sells a variety of things on the main website but only the items on the Iron City page qualify for the 20% contribution.  Please remember to add the code IRONCITY when you are checking out. The link is  -

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