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NEW FUNDRAISING SOCIAL EVENT AUGUST 17, 2024 Organized by SSCA Member Laura Hay!

SSCA Clips: Summer 2024

We will be providing you with regular videos of what is happening with your SSCA through our new social media videos called SSCA Clips July SSCA Programs and Events: Director of Programs, Tory Cadotte, provides the membership with July 2024 events   June SSCA Events: Volunteer Day and Canada Day. Director of Programs, Tory Cadotte, gives us an update on Canada Day and the Potluck on June 29, 2024. To register: RSVP button link: Day Camp News: Listen to Senior Camp Counsellor Emma Bentley-Taylor overview Summer Camp 2024 May 2024 SSCA Clips: Glen Campbell talks about the New Community Build   The Schoolhouse renovation is now complete so come take a look at the changes. See the New Community building outline completed with ropes on the actual site of the build. Imagine how great it will be to gather and enjoy our spectacular views of our special part of Georgian Bay from our New Community Centre!

Events at SSCA-Start loading your calendar for 2024! Summer is almost here!

See the Upcoming 2024 SSCA Events and the link to the calendar under the events tab and under the Home Page to see all the great things available to you as a Member of the SSCA!

2024 Annual General Meeting

The SSCA AGM is scheduled for Saturday, July 6/24 at 10:00 am at the School House (Zoom information to be finalized). A luncheon will be served following the meeting.  We look forward to seeing you on the 6th!

SSCA Letter to TOA Requesting Further Consultation on Site Alteration & Tree Preservation By-Laws

The following letter requesting further consultation on the By-laws was submitted January 28, 2024. SSCA letter to ToA re bylaws 24-01-28

Mailing Address Change 2024

We have a new mailing address: SSCA PO BOX 15005 (RPO) Heath Yonge Toronto, ON M4T 1M1

2024 Dues Notice

SSCA dues are now payable for 2024 and due by January 31st. Please note our renewal payment process and mailing address has changed. Please read this entire message for new details on payment. Dues this year are $200 (primary member - can include 1 spouse or partner associate non-voting member). If you are under 30 years old, you qualify for Associate (non-voting) membership of $50. A Dual Association Membership is $150 for Individuals that are members of another GBA recognized association and have already paid their GBA dues ($50) with their other Association. We also encourage donations to the Community Center Fund, the Contingency Fund and to the GBA. To submit all dues payments and NEW payment instructions, go to our New Payment Portal: New Payment Portal Please Note: We prefer e-transfer payment as the bank fees are lower and it is instantaneous. If you pay by cheque, processing may be delayed. When you pay your dues, we ask that you please confirm the completeness and accuracy of your member profile data. Updates can be made by going to our website at, log in, and edit your member profile data.. What do you get for your membership? Participation in a Ratepayers Group advocating for you at all levels of government on issues important to our area. Membership in the Georgian Bay Association providing a voice on matters that affect all of Georgian Bay and the Great Lakes. Regular newsletter updates on the Environment, Fire and Safety, Community activities and vital local news Access to Community Programmes such as the SSCA Regatta, Day and Sailing camps, book club, pot luck suppers, kayak races, sport court games, presentations of interest, guided hikes, model boat races and lots more An annual Member Directory (mailed if payment received by March 31st) We welcome all cottagers and year round residents in the Sans Souci area. Thank you in advance. We look forward to seeing you on the Bay. Jacquie Green Membership Chair PS: Payments received by March 31st will be mailed a copy of the 2024 Member Directory. ‌

Ward 4 Update October 2023

Township of the Archipelago Ward 4 Update, October 2023 It is our pleasure to submit this report to the Ward 4 Associations.*  Here are a few of the things we have been working on this season. Deerhorn Conference 2023 We are looking forward to a productive Deerhorn Conference this weekend (October 21), wherein representatives from Ratepayers’ Associations get together with TOA Staff and Council to discuss and brainstorm about issues the Township is working on. Waste In recognition of the outsized impact of cigarette litter on our waterways, Council passed a motion at our October meeting calling on the Provincial government to include cigarette producers in the move to Full Producer Responsibility. The initial purchase of 200 Foodcyclers that The Township has made available to residents at a subsidized price were sold out by mid-July. Council approved the purchase of 100 more, and we have only 26 FC-30 (2.5L) units left in stock. They are still being sold on a first come, first serve basis. Please call the Township Office at 705- 746-4243 if you have any questions regarding the program. See for more information on the product. The subsidized Foodcycler program is but one of several strategies we’re working on to reduce the amount of waste going to our one landfill site (Site 9) and extend its life. Climate Change The Township of The Archipelago council has adopted a Corporate Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is a plan that contains dozens of specific and measurable actions that can be taken by staff in all departments and overseen by council. As a member of the Integrated Communities Energy and Climate Action Plans (ICECAP) partnership, the township will work toward reducing energy use and emissions in its buildings and facilities, fleet, outdoor lighting, and corporate waste, with a goal to reduce its operating emissions by 30 per cent below the 2016 levels by 2030. As technology and regulatory advancements allow, the TOA will strive to achieve net- zero corporate GHG emissions by 2050 or earlier. Tree Preservation and Site Alteration Bylaws As you know, Council has been working on developing regulations placing limits on the destruction of mature trees and on site alteration (blasting, fill, etc.), with a view to protecting and preserving the Georgian Bay shoreline and natural environment. We had public meetings over a year ago and we continue to work with an independent planning firm to develop the best possible approach. At our August meeting, Council received and discussed a draft Bylaw from this firm. Having received Council’s feedback, staff is currently making some minor amendments, and we will be scheduling the next round of public meetings likely for spring 2024. We will keep you apprised of developments of course! The Museum on Tower Hill This is a PSA! The West Parry Sound District Museum, commonly known as the Museum on Tower Hill, is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the rich history of the district for generations to come. Today the Museum continues its mission to collect, preserve and share the West Parry Sound District's history with visitors and future generations, and provide our community with opportunities to explore contemporary topics relevant to today. The Museum has almost returned to pre-pandemic visitor numbers! Next time you’re in Parry Sound be sure to check it out. There’s a special exhibit featuring the art of your township’s Reeve continuing until mid-December. MPAC Assessment Much to the dismay of municipalities across the province, the Government of Ontario recently announced the continued postponement of the province-wide assessment update for the 2024 taxation year. This means property values for the purposes of taxation will continue to be based on the January 2016 MPAC assessments until then (at least). TOA Council passed a resolution asking the Province to reconsider this decision. *  Dave Ashley, Rick Zanussi and Alice Barton will be providing updates on a roughly quarterly basis. If you want to know what the Township is doing more up-to-the-minute, we recommend you (a) connect to the TOA on social media (Facebook & Twitter), (b) register for the TOA’s E-Newsletter; and/or (c) for the real nitty gritty, Committee & Council agendas & minutes are posted on the Township web site, and our YouTube page maintains the recordings of our meetings. Also, each of us is available if you want to contact us directly.

Ward Four Councillors Report to Cottage Associations

Ward Four Councillors Report to Cottage Associations -July 2023 As you read this message we will be well into the summer season. We trust that your cottage experience is meeting or exceeding your expectations. The following is an update on some of the activities of the Township of The Archipelago TAX RATE Earlier this month many of your residents will have received their final tax bill for 2023. The tax rate in the south half of our township has increased by 1%, well below the rate of inflation. Our actual expenses are up by more than that but still below the rate of inflation. There was considerable new construction in the township in 2022 so the costs were spread over a bigger base to bring the rate down. In 2022 we approved building permits worth 27 million dollars and for the first 5 months of this year we have approved permits at the same rate as last year. For those of you that look closely at the numbers you will note that the charge for the services of the OPP was shown separately on your 2022 invoice and included the tax rate in 2023. We started to show the OPP charge separately when those charges were increasing significantly for a number of years but, now that they have stabilized, there is no need to identify them separately. DEERHORN CONFERENCE On a regular basis the Township hosts a Deerhorn Conference. We are planning another Deerhorn Conference in October of this year. This is an opportunity for council and senior staff to meet with all the cottage associations in our township and discuss what we, as a group, see the current and upcoming issues for our residents. If you have an issue you think should be discussed, please speak to the executive of your association. (And yes, the conference gets its name from the location of the first meeting, Deerhorn Lodge in Sans Souci.) SIGNIFICANT BY-LAWS As the result of some unfortunate activity in the past, we are developing new bylaws to deal with site alteration and tree protection. These are complicated areas to get the right balance so, as soon as we have a draft, there will be public consultation. More opportunities for you and your association to shape our Township. Once these by-laws are completed, we will work on a new Comprehensive Zoning By-law. OTHER THINGS WE ARE WATCHING Floating cottages. (The Province has taken some action but now we need the Federal Government to step up to the plate.) The northward spread of the city and the expectation for city level services. Provincial actions and other activities and their effect on water quality and the environment. The provincial implementation of producer responsibility for the collection of recyclables and how this may affect our blue box program and waste disposal cost. FIRE RATING I am going to close with a repetition of something all of you have heard but some have not fully understood. Because of the particularly dry conditions in our forest the fire rating in all of Northern Ontario is at the extreme level. This means no fires, no fireworks and no other activities that might release sparks. It will take a great many rainstorms before this situation can be reversed. Please help us protect the land that attracts us to this part of the world. Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your summer David Ashley, on behalf of the councillors for Ward Four (Alice Barton, Rick Zanussi and myself)

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July 20

Yoga with Trish BolivarLocation: SS DockTime: 10:00 AM

Yoga Class is 10:00am-11:15 am. For more information, click the link below  

July 21

Yoga with Trish BolivarLocation: SS DockTime: 10:00 AM

Yoga Class is 10:00am-11:15am. For more information, Click the link below.  

July 22

SSCA Day CampLocation: SSCA School House/LawnTime: 9:00 AM

DAY CAMP WEEK 4: Monday, July 22/24-Friday, July 26/24 Day Camp run Monday to Friday , 9:00am-2:00pm weekdays from July 2,2024 to August 16, 2024. Ages of campers must be between 4-12 yrs. For more information or to register, please go to the tab Programs through the link below and click on the link to register. SSCA parent package  

July 23

Basketball PracticeLocation: Sports CourtTime: 10:30 AM

Drop in event Organized by Jess Sloss and Basketball Coach Peter Campbell. For ages 8-13. Come learn some basketball skills from some of the best coaches in Ontario!

July 24

Yoga with Trish BolivarLocation: SS DockTime: 10:00 AM

Yoga Class is 10:00am -11:15am. For more information, Click the link below.  

July 25

Basketball PracticeLocation: Sports CourtTime: 3:00 PM

Drop in event Organized by Jess Sloss and Basketball Coach Peter Campbell. For ages 8-13. Come learn some basketball skills from some of the best coaches in Ontario!

July 26

Georgian Bay Biosphere: Meet the directors at Henry’sLocation: Henry's Fry Pan IslandTime: 12:00 AM

Learn more about The Georgian Bay Biosphere. Two of the Directors are paddling the Georgian Bay Biosphere to bring awareness of their role and to celebrate the 2oth Anniversary of GBB. Come meet them on July 26/24 for Lunch at Henry's (Lunch not funded).  

July 27

Yoga with Trish BolivarLocation: SS DockTime: 10:00 AM

Yoga Class is 10:am-11:15am. For more information, Click the link below.  

July 28

Coffee and KayakLocation: SSCA School HouseTime: 8:30 AM

Meet at 8:30 at the school house for coffee. Launch at 9:30. Approximately two hour paddle. To help estimate numbers, please RSVP to LaRee if you plan to attend. or text 905 691 4339 

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