SSCA Campaign Donation Instructions

How do I make a donation?

Thank you first of all for making the decision to donate to the SSCA Community Centre Campaign. You are making a long lasting impact on our community.

To get you started to making the donation, we ask that you complete our online donation form found here that tells us how you wish to contribute. Depending on your responses, we will provide tailored instructions on how to make your contribution.

For US resident members wishing to make a contribution both in cash and in securities, we have partnered with a US based charitable organization called CAF America that can provide US donors with a tax receipt. More information on this partnership can be found here.

Canadian members can make a contribution in both cash or securities through an arrangement with the Township of the Archipelago. As mentioned above, once you have completed the donation form, we will send the instructions on how to make your donation depending on your type of donation (cash vs securities). A securities donation is quite tax efficient.

If you have any questions on this process and/or the campaign, please feel to contact Eric Armour ( or Glen Campbell (