Stage 2 Re-Opening & Newsletter

A Message From The President:
The 2020 SSTC tennis summer season, as crazy as it may be, is now well underway. I want to first of all thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this most difficult time. The SSTC board has been actively involved with discussions and decision making and will continue to do this on your behalf. We are trying our very best to keep everyone safe and healthy. But, you also need to make wise choices in order to ensure the safety of everyone concerned. We ask for your full cooperation in adhering to the rules (strict and suggested) for safe play. We remind you that you are playing at your own risk. These changes will come into effect on Friday, June 12th, 2020.
I am pleased to announce the following changes to our Rules and Guidelines:
·      All four courts will now be available for doubles play. Please exercise good judgement and follow the rules and guidelines we have provided
·      Court booking remains mandatory
·      Booking rules go back to normal with one hour of play per membership daily. Booking times will remain staggered by a half hour
·      Gates will now be closed (the geese were getting in). Please use your racket or towel to access courts
·      No guests are allowed to play this season
·      We are not putting the furniture out as it may encourage social gathering
Please re-read the attached Rules for Play and use common sense so we can all remain healthy and safe.
Thank for you for your continued cooperation,
Nancy Bowen
President SSTC
Social Membership Change Due To COVID-19
In view of the cancellation of Tennis social events for the 2020 season, the Social Membership Fee is waived for any members choosing to convert from active membership to Social membership this season.
This means that for inactive members they need only maintain their membership in SSCA to continue to receive all communication from the Club and be invited to all future Tennis Events.
If any members are finding they may no longer wish to maintain a full membership, please feel free to contact Nancy Bowen , Graeme Scott or Tom Blackett for further information.
New Members:
We would like to welcome the McGrath family to the SSTC. Matthew and Michele are fairly new to the Sans Souci area and are keen to get out playing and meet new friends. They have 5 children so we may have some more talented juniors on the rise. A warm welcome from all the SSTC members.
Courts Update:
Barber Sports were in on June 8th to do the annual court maintenance. Two new nets were put up and regular maintenance will start next week. We’re working with the new staff to make sure the BEST surface is available to our members. Please patient with the new staff.
We appreciate your understanding,
Peter Murphy (Property & Maintenance)
SSTC Clothing Sale:
We still have some SSTC Tennis Clothing available for sale this summer.
Dockside pick up available and yes you can even try it on. Please contact Nancy Bowen for appointment or to inquire about sizes available 705-746-1515 or 647-405-3914 or email
Clothing For Sale – Please click to see images of items available.
JACKETS    $85
Hats are possible if we have at least 12 orders
Pro Week:
Pro week has been delayed to July 12-18 with Coach Tom Kern and from July 12-25 with Coach Sean Kern.
This is a tentative plan we are still  in need of accommodation for the gentleman for this time. They will have their own boat and self sufficient for cooking etc.
Please contact Nancy Bowen asap if you are able to assist. They will be able to have smaller clinics, family lessons and more private lessons available.
For those of you wishing to contribute to future newsletters you can reach Meagan at
Tennis Committee 2020:
Nancy Bowen – President
Graeme Scott – Vice President
Tom Blackett – Past President
Greg Cunningham – Treasurer
Susan O’Reilly – Secretary
Peter Murphy – Property & Maintenance
Leslie Hayes – SSCA Liaison
Meagan Blackett – Communications
Ernie Kovacs – Member-At-Large