Preparation for Opening Tennis Courts 2020

Dear Tennis Member,
With the recent decisions and announcements by the Province of Ontario, we are excited that we can begin to prepare the SSTC Tennis Courts to reopen for Saturday May 23, 2020.
The courts have weathered well over the winter and a team of keen tennis members will be getting the nets up and clearing the courts this week. The SSCA has indicated they will get the ramps in for opening, but at this time the property in inaccessible and closed to everyone.
Strict protocols have been set by the Public Health Officials of Ontario and while they may seem daunting, we intend to strictly follow them in an effort to keep friends and families from contracting COVID-19.  We ask for your full co-operation and understanding at this time as we slowly progress back to normal booking and practices. PLEASE READ THE ATTACHMENT BELOW WITH THE SSTC RULES AND GUIDELINES. These may change in the future so please try to read all future communications as they will give you the most up to date information.
These guidelines represent Phase 1 and will be the strictest of the opening process. This means we are asking you to play singles only, or, as a maximum, doubles only if a family has 2 memberships ( family playing family). We will be following the health agencies, tennis industry associations and looking at other clubs’ best practices to determine when or if Phase 2 and 3 can be implemented safely in the future.
All members must abide by these guidelines. Defiance of these guidelines may result in disciplinary action, including suspension of privileges. The board understands that social tensions are high at the moment; nevertheless, we expect that our members will be courteous and respectful of one another. Please remember, if you choose to play you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.
For the time being, NO GUESTS are allowed at the facility to play, or as spectators. You will see that the furniture has been removed from the Pavilion to discourage social gathering and for security. We ask that you not congregate anywhere on the property before and after you play.
There will be a “hands free” hand sanitizer machine in the Pavilion for members use only, but we suggest you bring your own.
As we continue to monitor the situation we will continue to review these Rules and Guidelines and adjust accordingly with Phase updates, information, and, hopefully, good news of great tennis with our friends and family.
Many thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding as we all move through this crazy unprecedented time.
Nancy Bowen
President SSTC
SSTC Rules & Guidelines For Reopening