March 2014

To: All SSCA Members and Families,


Welcome to the summer of 2014. A polar vortex is settling in over the province of Ontario for the month of March as I write this update.  Erratic weather patterns are the new normal which further supports the need for managed water levels of our middle lakes including Georgian Bay. As I look back over my tenure as President of the SSCA, water and water levels continue to be our primary concern which is logical given we are a 100% water based community.


The economic impact from historic low water levels last year has yet to be fully quantified but preliminary numbers are significant. We cannot become complacent with the promise that water levels will be up this year. This is a long term issue and we need to continue to apply pressure to state, provincial and federal governments through our affiliations with organizations like the Georgian Bay Association, Georgian Bay Forever and Stop the Drop to name a few.


The unmanaged Huron-Michigan lakes have been below the all-time average for the last fifteen years. Yet managed lakes like Superior, Erie and Ontario have stayed closer to their all-time water level averages.  The NOAA has a great interactive dashboard to see the water levels at It measures not just the water level and the averages as well as ice coverage and evaporation.


Our community volunteers, Programs Committee and Environment Committee have put together another great year of activities. You can see all of the events and updates on our website in the calendar section. Please note that after the Annual General Meeting this year there will be a member’s lunch where you can meet with the Directors and your neighbors.


Our Property Committee has been working hard over the winter months. A big “Thank You” to all who completed the Property Survey last fall. The results clearly showed that our members would like to see a new community centre structure and are willing to support the effort through donations. Stay tuned for news about an all-members event early in the summer to share plans for the new facility.


None of this would be possible without the tireless efforts of the SSCA volunteers and staff. Thank you to all who support our wonderful community.  On behalf of the Board we wish you a wonderful summer in 2104.






Bert Liverance