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Volunteer Work Day

SSCA WORK DAY! Book June 28/24 on your Calendar now!

We are currently searching for community volunteers who are interested in assisting with some property maintenance tasks at the SSCA this June 28, 2024! Your help would be greatly appreciated and will be invaluable in maintaining the upkeep of our facilities and dock structures. Come reunite with fellow cottagers or get to know new SSCA members while demonstrating your handy person skills!  More details to follow  on the SSCA website, Facebook and SSCA monthly e-blasts in early June 2024. Contact Rob Kennedy (Board of Directors, Property) for any inquiries about this SSCA workday!

Phone- 905-327-8153 Email- rob@rbkelectric.ca

Event Details

SSCA Property

Friday, June 28th, 2024

9:00 AM