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Along with your dues payment, please consider making contributions to the Community Centre Fund (to support SSCA’s infrastructure), to the Contingency Fund (for unexpected expenditures), and/or to the GBA (to further support our Association’s umbrella organization).
Electronic payment is now made even easier with several payment options.
  • eTransfer payment from a Canadian Bank Account

To send an eTransfer, follow these instructions on screen:

  1. Log into your online or mobile banking app and select the account.
  2. Add as the recipient’s email.
  3. Enter the total amount – Full Membership Fee is $165.00. Associate (under 30) Membership Fee is $50.00.
  4. In the Message field, enter your First and Last name. And for contributions, indicate the amount(s) and fund(s) mentioned above we should allocate your donation to.
  5. No need to enter a security question and password as we have registered for Interac e-Transfer® Autodeposit.
  • Credit Card payment via PayPal and to make membership updates

       To make an online payment ($165.00 plus PayPal fee), sign in below and follow the login steps to view/edit your membership profile and to submit your dues payment(s).

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  • Cheque payment of $171.66 ($165.00 plus admin fee)


         SSCA Permanent Secretary
         561 Avenue Road, Suite 206, Toronto, Ontario M4V 2J8
     Please make note of the membership option you are renewing for and the details of any contributions. Include any changes to your contact information.


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What is the Sans Souci Copperhead Association?

We are a volunteer organization that works to protect and enhance the cottage experience in our area.

Since 1912, the SSCA has partnered with other organizations on the Bay (Georgian Bay Association, Georgian Bay Forever, Georgian Bay Land Trust and Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve) to keep its members informed about local matters and to advocate for sustaining our unique environment. At the same time, a variety of programs for all ages (a children’s Day Camp, Environment Day, Sailing Camp and Regattas, Book Club, Yoga, the annual SSCA Regatta and Art Show, Cottage Social potluck dinners) and facilities (two Sport Courts, a Fitness Centre) are offered to cottagers and their guests at the Community Centre on Frying Pan Island throughout the summer.

Membership Benefits:

  • receive a weekly e-Newsletter containing information about SSCA events & programs and local area news during the summer (monthly in the off-season)
  • have access to the Member Directory and a printable Phonebook on the SSCA web-site
  • receive one hard-copy Member Directory each year
  • have access to SSCA Georgian Bay – our private group Facebook page
  • have access to the SSCA Emergency Response program
  • become a member of the Georgian Bay Association (GBA) automatically

Membership Costs:

Membership fees are yearly and are invoiced as of January 1st for the current year.

There are two categories of membership –

  1. Full Membership: fee is C$165.00 (includes C$50.00 Georgian Bay Association fees) per year.
  2. Associate Membership (under 30 years of age): fee is C$50.00 (exempt of Georgian Bay Association fees)  per year.

(If you are a member of another of the GBA  affiliated associations, you will not pay their membership fee twice.)



Join this community of individuals who treasure the Sans Souci area of Georgian Bay and help us preserve it!