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This year’s Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Saturday, August 21st, 2021 at 2:00PM on the SSCA lawn (bring your own chair). After the AGM, please join us for a social/round-robin at the tennis courts.

All members are invited to attend the Meeting. Any members who are unable to attend the Meeting in person are invited to complete, date and sign the enclosed form of proxy and email/hand deliver to the President Nancy Bowen or Secretary Susan O’Reilly prior to or at the meeting. The proxy is found within the SSTC AGM 2021 Package.

Alternatively, Members may provide express and specific written direction addressed to the President, in writing, by regular mail or electronically prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting.

Please review the attached AGM Package that includes:
Notice of AGM
Information pertaining to a by-law change to increase the annual dues and new membership initiation fee

2021 AGM Package

Financial Statements and 2019 Minutes will be sent out a week before the meeting.

Event Details

SSCA Community Centre, Frying Pan Island

Saturday, August, 21st 2021

2:00 PM

Saturday, August 21st, 2021

3:30 PM